ANFACER, among its duties, is committed to the continuous improvement of the ceramic products offered to the domestic market. An example of this was the creation, in 2007, of the Technical Standard – ABNT NBR 15.463, the first standard in the world for Porcelain Tile. The standard qualifies the product, strengthens the porcelain tile brand and protects the consumer.

The implementation of the Quality Label has the aim of guiding clients and consumers about the type of porcelain tile, its quality and characteristics, disseminating the certification and compliance, as well as protecting the brand of this product.

The Quality Label establishes a set of integrated actions aimed towards the compliance of porcelain tile, such as: incentives for certification; ongoing assessment of technical compliance of porcelain tile sold in Brazil (a complete view on porcelain tile); compliance with current technical standards; and to the Sector Quality Program (PSQ/PBPQ-H).


  1. Protects the consumer
  2. Gives credibility to the manufacturer
  3. Encourages certification of ceramic products
  4. Combats intentional non-compliance
  5. Avoids the unauthorized use of Porcelain Tile terminology
  6. Complies with the Governmental programs aimed at promoting the compliance of building materials