Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Porcelain Tile?
    Porcelain Tile is a ceramic tile for coating, with low porosity and heightened technical performance. It can be glazed or not, polished or natural, rectified or non-rectified. Currently the best ceramic tile in the sector.

  1. What is Glazed Porcelain Tile?
    It is a Porcelain Tile which has a layer of (vitreous) enamel on its surface and which has water absorption of equal or less than 0.5%.

  1. What is Technical Porcelain Tile?
    It is a Porcelain Tile that doesn’t have enamel on its surface (vitreous), i.e., a single body of ceramic clay and which has water absorption of equal or less than 0.1%.

  1. What is the Quality Label for Porcelain Tile?
    The Quality Label for Porcelain Tile is based on the product certification and is part of the Quality Program for Porcelain Tile developed by ANFACER which has the purpose of guiding clients and consumers about the characteristics of the porcelain tile and distinguish the products which meet the requirements of the ABNT NBR 15463.

  1. What are the advantages for the consumer in relation to companies with the Label?
    The Label distinguishes the Porcelain Tile which meets the current Technical Standard, thus guaranteeing to the customer the expected performance when they acquire this better qualified product.

  1. Which companies have the Label?
    To consult the list of companies signed up to the Label,
    click here.

  1. What is the Product Certification?
    Product Certification is a conformity assessment process of a product based on national, regional and international standards or technical regulations. INMETRO is the Brazilian body responsible for the establishment of conformity assessment programs in Brazil.

  1. Do I need to be certified in order to get the Label?
    Yes, certification is compulsory for requesting to join the Label. The Label is based on Product Certification in accordance with the Brazilian System of conformity assessment of INMETRO

  1. How do I get Certification?
    To get Certification the interested company should find an organization accredited by the General Coordination of Accreditation of INMETRO for Product Certification, check the website

  1. Am I obliged to certify all the manufacturing units in order to get the Label?
    Yes, the regulation of the Label obliges the companies to certify all the Porcelain Tile under the Trade Name in order to avoid misleading advertising for the consumer.

  1. Is it possible to get the Label for Imported Porcelain Tile?
    Yes, the Product Certification process covers the possibility of Certification for imported products. For more information speak directly with one of the accredited bodies (see answer 9).

  1. Where do I apply for membership of the Label?
    The application process for the Label should be made via the website following the link Register.

  1. How long is the Label concession valid for?
    The Label concession has the same validity as the Product Certification of the company.

  1. How does the maintenance process work?
    The maintenance of the Quality Label is the responsibility of the applicant, who should communicate within 30 days prior to the expiration of the Certification, about the progress of the maintenance process of the product Certification. Non communication within the given timeframe may result in the suspension of the Label use.

  1. How does the inspection process work?
    The inspection as with the quality of the product is carried out during the Certification process by the Certification Body and the inspection of the brand use is conducted in person by ANFACER in the stores and dealerships as well as website, catalogues and advertisements.